MaCKeNziE~ChiLdS Inspired!!!

Wow - it's been a REALLY long time since I've blah, blah, blogged.  I like to blog, but I'm soooo bad about photographing my work.  I almost always forget to take a before, which I'm sure alot of you can relate to.  And I am your typical artistic type - very unorganized - so sometimes finding where I've stored the before shot is a challenge!  And then there is just tooooo much going on lately, so the blogging falls to the wayside!  I think this will be the first of many more to come though, and in a much more timely manor.  Hopefully!  Lucky you!!

So - I just finished a very cool, and very different custom project!  And I took befores!!  And Mr. Wilson took some very nice afters!


Here it is:


And the before:

I had these very nice ladies contact me about painting their old furniture to fit into their newly purchased home.  They had a nice dining set that was very well made, but dated.  But size wise it fit into the new space perfectly.  So they decided to do the right thing and recycle it.  I mean, why not?!!  You save something from going into the landfill and you get a custom look for a great price!   Typically, the older furniture is much more sturdy and well made than the furniture they are making today.  At least if it is affordable!  So recycle if you can!!

So we had talked about doing the typical painted furniture look - lightly distressed and antiqued, in some color that would fit into the space.   But when I showed up to paint, they had their MacKenzie~Childs catalog out and wanted to talk about other possibilities.  We talked alot about colors, stripes, checker boards, etc., and finally came up with a plan.  I wasn't too sure I was going to love this - it's definitely not my typical look.  But I wasn't painting it for me - so I just put my head down and started painting, trying to do the best job I could.  I was sure I could come up with something that they would love.  But I didn't expect that I would love it too.  But I do!!!  Their kitchen is beautiful, but it was a little plain.  It definitly needed something.   And this dining set is just what it needed!  It has just the right amount of color and fun.  It turned their beautiful but slightly plain kitchen into something slightly FABULOUS!!!

Here's a few more shots.

These are painted with Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paints of course!  Why, you ask?!  Because it is the best!  The finish on this set was shiny, and I would have had to sand and prime before painting if I had used regular latex paint.  It would have taken hours and hours! Also, the colors just always turn out right.  The colors I used in this:  The green color is Olive, the red is Emperor's Silk with a touch of Primer Red mix (I love to mix!),  the checkerboard is Cream and Olive, the yellow is Arles with a touch of Olive to tone it down a bit.  And the stripes are Provence and some of the yellow mix.  There is also a Duck Egg stripe on the table leg.  Lots of color!!

I also sanded down the table top and restained it with Dark Walnut and then sealed it with Polyurethane. 



I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and the girls love it too!  They said, and I quote "Our kitchen ROCKS!"  

I couldn't agree more!


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