Salon Wall Extravaganza!!

I LOVE a salon wall.  I really, really, do!  I love art, and I love eclectic, and that, to me, is a salon wall.  I have a ton of pictures of salon walls, and this morning as I was looking through some of them, I decided I needed to share them.  

So here you go!


An eclectic bedroom with some great artwork to make it even better!



Oh, the beautiful colors!  


And more beautiful colors!  


And how fun is this!?  No expensive artwork here - just a great grouping of random stuff, put together to look amazing!


And this is not a great quality photo, but how great is the color here?  I love, love, love it!









This one looks very unified by the black frames.  Usually I prefer random, but of course, I LOVE color, and the color in these prints makes this pretty fabulous.














And I will end with one of my favorites.  I love religious art work, and put together in this little nook (love nooks too!) I think it looks amazing.  I love everything about this.



















I have about 1/2 a million more salon wall images that I need to share, but not today!  Hope you are inspired.  I am!  I'm off to rearrange some artwork!